Financial Services

Minds made for financial services

Financial services is an amazing industry when it works well; it creates growth, prosperity and peace of mind for hundreds of millions of people. No other industry touches more people or shapes more futures.

That’s why at EY member firms we employ more than 30,000 people across the globe who are dedicated to financial services. We train and nurture these inclusive teams to develop minds that can transform, shape and innovate financial services. Not just for today but for the future. Our industry knowledge, global connectivity, plus insight drawn from across multiple sectors, allow us to ask better questions. And asking better questions leads to better answers, which benefit our clients, their stakeholders and wider communities.

It’s how minds made for financial services, contribute to building a better working world.

How do you ensure you automate intelligently?

If risks change as ships sail, shouldn’t insurance premiums too?

Your customer data is personal. How can you ensure it stays that way?

Is collaboration the new innovation?

How is technology redefining your tax landscape?

How can you fight tomorrow’s financial crime with yesterday’s technology?

How can technology help auditors make the hard-to-see easier to see?

Could you send money with the blink of an eye?

How can we make today count and still be accountable for tomorrow?

How do you ensure you automate intelligently?

Minds made for transforming financial services

Did you know?

EY became the first organization to achieve the highest recognition in both delivery and capability in implementing robotic process automation (RPA) at scale and speed from Blue Prism, a leading RPA software provider. Together, we’ve helped deliver more than 400 intelligent automation projects for more than 100 clients in 40 countries.

If risks change as ships sail, shouldn’t insurance premiums too?

Minds made for reinventing financial services

Did you know?

EY has developed — jointly with Guardtime and other industry and technology leaders — Insurwave, the world’s first marine insurance blockchain platform. Connecting all major stakeholders, it enables insurers to see the value of their risks in real-time, establishing a first of its kind digital insurance value chain. It will support more than half a million automated ledger transactions and help manage risk for more than 1,000 commercial vessels in the first year. Demonstrating how we’re moving blockchain from potential benefits to actual value.

Your customer data is personal. How can you ensure it stays that way?

Minds made for protecting financial services

Did you know?

EY employs over 200 Certified Information Privacy Professionals (CIPPs) and privacy lawyers, who help organizations to better understand data privacy risk and GDPR compliance. As GDPR touches on all aspects of a business, our multidisciplinary, connected teams work together to bring insights on legislation, regulations and business operations across the globe.

Is collaboration the new innovation?

Minds made for empowering financial services

Did you know?

EY wavespace™ is our global network of 15 growth and innovation centers. In collaborative workspaces, we bring together multidisciplinary talents, capabilities and insights from all of EY’s service lines – connecting businesses to the ideas, people and technology they need to innovate, and ultimately lead to radical breakthroughs.

How is technology redefining your tax landscape?

Minds made for reinventing financial services

Did you know?

EY’s customer tax team is using AI and machine learning to accurately establish and remediate data quality, classifications, and identify risk anomalies. It can operate over 50 million customer records in less than 30 minutes, improving accuracy and reducing costs by up to 50%.

Case Studies

How can accountancy standards become instrumental in creating operational excellence?

Helping a global bank to take advantage of accountancy change and put it at the heart of their operating model.

How can a charity safeguard themselves from cyber threats with little time or resources?

Supporting charities to protect their organization from cyber threats.

How can algorithms help transform the future of mortgage lending?

Using data science to help Lloyds Banking Group (LBG) transform the way savings deposits are forecast and priced.

How can businesses, both large and small, combat cybercrime at a price they can afford?

Giving building societies the tools they need to become more resilient to attack.

In the fight against financial crime, how can artificial intelligence reduce artificial threats?

Using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to help Nordea fight back.

How blockchain is reducing the fluidity of risk in marine insurance

EY and Guardtime are providing greater transparency and efficiency through blockchain technology in marine insurance.

How do you create a leading FinTech ecosystem?

Helping the UK government understand and shape a rapidly growing sector.

How do you raise the funds to grow your business, without diluting control?

Helping MT Finance (MTF) to realize its ambitions through innovative thinking.

With views from all angles, how do you create a way forward to transform an industry?

Helping to transform the future of payments by bringing the industry's biggest players together with its users.

How can you look beyond regulatory compliance and support your strategic data agenda?

Helping Lloyds Banking Group to comply and take advantage of GDPR.

How can automation reduce costs while enhancing human potential?

Helping Zurich to put Robotics into action.

Customer segmentation: the smart route to growth

Helping a global wealth management firm to develop a new digital service model.