The Convergence of Technology,
Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications


Boundaries that once separated the Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications (TMT) industries are rapidly disappearing, seemingly in real-time while we watch, due to unrelenting digital disruption.

Competition is constantly emerging from new places, customer expectations are evolving, and the range of issues TMT companies face are multiplying exponentially at warp speed.

Technology has gone from a business enabler to a driver of disruptive business models. Well-understood baby boomers are giving way to millennials, Generation Xers and younger professionals with new priorities, preferences and behaviours.


TMT Convergence Network

Global centers for physical and virtual collaboration

The TMT Convergence Network is one way EY can provide adaptive services of lasting value to help solve your most complex business problems.

To reflect our TMT clients’ complex business challenges – and to help them thrive despite disruption – EY has created the TMT Convergence Network. It’s an alignment of our global centers and virtual infrastructure of people, ideas and capabilities, combined with a vast community of enterprises, entreprenuers, start-ups and EY alliances.

The TMT Convergence Network reflects your need for collaboration and speed in addressing your disruptive business challenges and provides the right capabilities you need to help solve each one. This, along with EY’s world-class TMT solutions and services, can help you expand in this changing market, gain competitive advantage and grow profitability.

Six global centers
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“As we move toward a truly digital economy at lightning speed, convergence is blurring the lines between industries and business models. Now more than ever, participants in the TMT ecosystem must continuously adapt to growth opportunities as markets shift unpredictably, rigorously drive efficiency of non-strategic operations, and deliver on the trust equation with partners.”

Greg Cudahy

Global Leader — Technology, Media & Entertainment and Telecommunications