UK Annual Results 2017
Steve Varley
EY Frame

Our success this year is the result of a long-term global strategy. We have invested in new technologies and our people, as clients turn to us for more innovative products and services as they adapt to domestic and global economic trends.

Steve Varley UK Chairman

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Business performance

The work we do within Assurance, Advisory, Tax, and Transaction Advisory Services helps power some of the most influential businesses across the UK and the globe. Find out how we have been performing with a closer look at our UK financial results.

Living our purpose

Our purpose of building a better working world encompasses how we help our clients, the opportunities we provide to our people, and our contribution to the communities in which we operate.

Investing in innovation

2017 has been a record year of tech investment which will continue into next year as we support our clients to transform their businesses. These include innovation in areas such as robotics, data analytics, FinTech, cyber, Artificial Intelligence, audit technologies and blockchain solutions.

We developed the Capital Allowance Automatic Review Tool (CAART) which uses machine learning to accurately establish the correct tax code and can do 15 hours work in three seconds — improving efficiency by 99%.

EY Absolute, a digital platform that delivers bookkeeping, accounting and tax services to our clients.

We launched wavespace which enables clients to address industry-specific and cross-sector opportunities, working collaboratively with technologist, business strategists and designers to help them grow.

EY and the Coalition for Inclusive Capitalism are driving a proof of concept to help measure long term value creation — an industry first. As part of 'The Embankment Project for Inclusive Capitalism', EY will develop and test a new framework to better reflect the full value companies create through human, physical and financial capital deployment.

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