UK Annual Results 2019

Following multiple years of strong growth, we have prioritised continued investment in audit quality, talent, technology, environmental sustainability, and the expansion of our regional business over the last financial year, growing UK revenues by a steady 1.5% and hiring over 2,600 people.

EY’s UK fee income grew to £2.45bn in the financial year ending 30 June 2019, increasing from £2.41bn the previous year. Over the last five years, EY has achieved a UK Compound Annual Growth Rate of 6%.



Focused investment

At EY, we are very clear about the crucial role that our work plays in building and sustaining trust and confidence in the capital markets and helping to improve the attractiveness of the UK as a centre for business. That’s why we have continued to invest in the right places, despite the uncertain economic environment.

Watch our videos to find out how we are investing in our people and the progress we have made to reduce EY’s environmental impact.

Progress on environmental sustainability




Investing in our people




UK business results